ZZ "PRIMA", Backi Vinogradi

The members of the agricultural cooperative "PRIMA" are live in the north region of Serbia, near the hungarian border, between Horgos and Palic villages.

This region is well known of it's fruit growing. Beside the stone-fruits the apples has overrideing importance. The unique taste of our apples is due to the sandy soil witch is characteristic the Horgos-Subotica region. Some of our members are also produce elder.

The agricultural cooreative "PRIMA" was founded in 1997 and for the moment has 27 members.

PRIMA has built the first controled atmosphared cold storage in Serbia with ULO sistem whitch has 1500t capacity. The investment was aided by the Serbian Ministri of Agriculture but the bigger part was the invested by the members. The cold storage was opened in 2005, in harmony with the europian requirements.

The members of PRIMA has agricultural production on approximately 300 ha. They has about 200 ha with orchards.

PRIMA is member of the association "FruitLand" which is hold together similar cooperatives.

The ULO (Ultra Low Oxigen) technology is allowd to store the appels for 8-10 mounts with minimal loss of quality. Beside the classic cold storeges this makes us able to extend the time of selling of apples.

We are trying to unite to aricultural producers of our mikroregion to upgrade the quality of fruit and vegetable production and enlarge our market.

Since the autumn of 2007 we are working by the standards of HACCP.

The members of our cooperative are also produce vegetables in open field and plastic tunnels, so we are almost at whole vegetable market.

Our main purpose in the future too to follow our eldres way to provide good quality, tasty and healty products to our costumers.